Processed Foods Turn Deadly When Taken With Vitamin C

In a deceptive attempt to convince you, as well as to lend a semblance of nutritional intergrity to processed foods, many food companies add vitamin C to their denatured products. For instance, in cereals ,soft drinks, snack foods etc etc.

Health risks.

Believe it or not, those foods can indeed turn deadly. The reason being that many foods e.g. salad dressings, pickles, jellies and so on and so forth contain wicked additives such as the preservative sodium benzoate.

When you mix sodium benzoate with ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C, a chemical reaction ensues and benzene a proven carcinogen is given off. And can you believe it, Oh Lordy! Even the FDA recently tested 84 different soft drink products and found that at least 54 of the total were giving off benzene. Indeed some of the soft drinks had benzene way way off the charts, so to speak, with benzene levels at least fifteen times what the good folks at the EPA allow in your drinking water. And you wonder why the nation of the free and the brave is sick most of the time or is it all the time, as attested by the Multiple billions of dollars spent on the useless drugs that are masquaraded as curative but designed to pick your pocket and keep you on the merry-go-around of merely hoping to get well if you just buy some more.

Dear reader, Who benefits?
And you can readily see that “For lack of knowledge in truth, the people perish”.

There is no question that lately, the statin drugs have conclusively been proven to be a fraud on the public. Simply put, deliberately and surreptitiously making a nation sick is Big business indeed.
And how about this other shocking fact, even though the law says that your drinking water should have less than 5 ppb of benzene, there is no legal limit on benzene in manufactured beverages. Reader, your author is not at all convinced that, that is an oversight. Please, go back and read that paragraph again.

Furthermore, there are simple technical modalties available that can be applied to ensure toxic chemicals cannot find their way into your drinking water, and doing so at the source, not forcing you to spend your money on kitchen and shower filters.

Do not eat it.

Check the labels on your processed foods and beverages. If it contains sodium benzoate, throw it out. Of course it can be disguised as a flavor. Therefore, you can do better by avoiding processed foods and beverages altogether. Do not allow convenience to turn into laziness and thus compromise your health. Without good health, you have nothing. If nature did not make it, do not eat it.

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TotalMD – The Advantages Of Using This Affordable Practice Management Software

I have been a medical biller and software trainer for 20 years. My clients want value for their money, so I am always on the lookout for better medical billing software with great features and a low price tag. We use several practice management systems in our billing service including Medisoft, AdvancedMD, and TotalMD. These are all great systems, but that hasn’t stopped me from my quest for that perfect software. TotalMD has the same great price and ease of use as Medisoft does, however, it has some other advantages that are not as obvious.

Let’s review the features that everyone wants:

Ease Of Use

Time is a precious commodity in a medical office or billing service and easy to use, intuitive software saves time. I like software features that do not require you to walk around the block to get next door. TotalMD foots the bill in this regard. It has all the features you need and is simple to use and requires very little training.

Great Price

TotalMD is very reasonably priced and does not require upgrades in order to obtain support. And just as important, the training and support fees are very reasonable.

Now, let’s take a look at some other features that not all software users think of:

Great Technical Support

Everyone needs technical support once in a while and no one wants to spend a lot of time on the phone, on hold, waiting to resolve a problem. TotalMD is very responsive and really delivers in this area.

Remote Access

TotalMD is a desktop solution but it also offers an ASP model. Medical billing services will appreciate this flexibility because many of their clients want to share the data from any location.

Connectivity To Other Software

This is an important requirement that doesn’t receive enough consideration and it is where TotalMD excels. The software provides integration on several levels which offers more choices to a practice or billing service.

Electronic Health Records

The connectivity to EHR (electronic health records) systems is really important. Unfortunately, some practices only discover this as a potential problem after they have already made a software purchase. TotalMD has free, built-in HL7 capability that allows it to integrate with or “talk to” popular EHR software like SpringCharts, Praxis, Amazing Charts, and others. What is HL7? It’s a function that passes data elements from the practice management system to the EHR system. This important feature offers providers more choices in electronic health records software.

A medical office may like their practice management software, however, it may not integrate or link with the EHR of their choice, in which case, a third party HL7 (linking) software may be needed. Things can get complicated when two to three vendors are involved in coordinating installations and technical support. This may result in added expense and can be time consuming for the user.

Medical Coding Software & Other Add-Ons

TotalMD also intergrates seamlessly with several other well known products. You can look up CPT and diagnosis codes using Encoder Pro medical coding software. There is also credit card processing available by Intuit or X-Charge at very affordable rates. This service is a time saver because it works seamlessly with the software.

Electronic Processing

With TotalMD, electronic billing can be handled using any clearinghouse. The user is not limited in this respect. My favorite is the electronic remittance posting feature. You can download your 835 ERA files from ANY clearinghouse and post them with ease in TotalMD. Insurance verification is also a very valuable feature that can be integrated into the patient scheduler using either Gateway or Apex clearinghouses.

Document Manager

This is another well integrated product. If your electronic records requirements are minimal, TotalMD also has a very reasonably priced document manager. This easy-to-use software allows your office to organize, capture and store:

(1) patient insurance cards, driver’s licenses and ID cards
(2) patient signatures on your own financial, privacy and patient release forms
(3) all printed documents
(4) mail merge templates for letters and forms.

TotalMD is an all around great product and the vendor is a pleasure to work with. Affordability and ease of use are critical, however, technical support and product integration are also really high on my priority list, and TotalMD delivers.

Life Evolves Through Change

The evolution of human consciousness happens through change. We are currently living in an age of unprecedented change, which is affecting all aspects of our life.
All aspects of what it means to be human are evolving and changing to become more integrated and whole, yet at the same time becoming more individual and multi-dimensional.
As we see the technology around us evolving and becoming more refined – for example high definition TV or a hi-fi system with high performance theatre sound – we see our own human consciousness going through the same evolution.
This rapid change is affecting our bodies at a very subtle level, and we may feel for a while as though we have a health issue. This may manifest on a physical, mental or spiritual level; our emotions and relationships may undertake a phased transition to another level.
Conscious breathing is a very good way to ground and centre your energies during this period of rapid change. As change happens in our life, we may start to notice how our outlook and perception of reality may have shifted.
We may start to notice the oneness of life; in the spaces between things, which used to appear to separate them from one another and from us, we now see the links or fabric of life, which integrate all individual things and hold them in perfect balance. 
We see time and space shifting to the now moment, where all things seem to be happening in the current time frame. The shift from fear to love is helping us take personal responsibility for ourselves and our health, while giving others the freedom to evolve in their own way too.
Look to your own heart for your dreams, passions and guiding light. Your soul energy at your core is your energy blueprint for your life to evolve, to fulfil the purpose you have assigned to it.
Conscious breathing connects us back to this soul energy, and helps us to centre our self and know intuitively what will bring us joy and fulfilment as we follow our life’s purpose.
Getting plenty of rest and drinking sips of water, help to keep our body’s energy levels high. When the Spirit within the body is strong, it’s like a magnet holding all aspects of the physical body in position, co-ordinated according to sacred geometry; a state of quiet peace and health flows over us.
Self-love is a wonderful way of communicating with your body. This could be as simple as sending waves of love to all the organs of the body and being grateful for the health and balance you are experiencing; giving out little surges of gratitude for all the aspects of your body that are working fully and in balance.
Reinforcing the health and balance within you, helps to balance the few aspects which may still need to fully integrate and evolve to the new level of being. Evolution is an ongoing process and, if we do it with awareness in a conscious state of mind, we can help smooth out the process and speed up our personal evolution.
As we become more integrated and multi-dimensional, we become more aware of our spiritual nature, and we may find our dreams becoming more vivid; we start to experience some of the other, non-physical aspects of our spiritual nature.
Refining our consciousness means becoming aware of our most subtle nature – that is, our light bodies and our spiritual soul essence. When we evolve in this way we become more integrated with the Universal Life Force and we start to feel the support of the Universe in everything we choose to create and manifest.
So the simple formula is to breathe consciously, relax and be yourself; look for your guidance from within.