Maximize Your Medisoft! (Unknown and Underused Functions of Medisoft)

How Medisoft Helps Your Practice Run More Efficiently..

Please keep in mind when reading this article that some of the features I will discuss may not be available in earlier versions or in all models, Patient Accounting, Advanced and Network Professional.

Many practices are more than satisfied with the day to day uses of Medisoft. Did you know that most practices are only using Medisoft at approximately 40% of its capabilities?

For those who are unfamiliar with Medisoft, here’s a brief review. Medisoft is a physician / medical office practice management software. Any practitioner from physical therapist to brain surgeon can use this software. Facilities and organizations such as pharmacies, home health agencies, billing services and surgery centers can also maximize their office functionality by using Medisoft. The suite of Medisoft solutions gives offices everything they need to completely automate their practice. From scheduling to the electronic documentation of patient care to billing and account management, Medisoft helps make the practice more efficient and more profitable.

Medisoft is the most user friendly software you can buy and can easily be customized to your individual practice needs. Medisoft is more than just a medical billing system, it has the capability to enhance productivity, improve efficiencies, simplify administration and strengthen work and financial flow.

Medisoft manages patient appointment scheduling, patient and insurance past due accounts, collections, write-offs, and patient co-pays. Here are some key features you might not be aware of:

Scheduling Patient Appointments: The workflow process begins when a patient schedules an appointment. Did you know that you can schedule office visit templates so that the Find Open Time feature can be utilized. You can also check patient balances and apply patient balances from the appointment window

Patient Payment Plans: Medisoft has the ability to create patient payment plans that include the date the first payment is due, the payment due date (i.e. every 30 days), as well as the amount due. Should the patient default from the scheduled payment plan, the patient will then be included in the Collection List feature at which time you can generate a collection letter.

Patient Quick Entry: This feature lets you select which fields from the Patient and Case windows are included on a Patient Quick Entry template and you can even include initial default settings. You can also select any custom data elements created in the Custom Patient Designer or Custom Case Designer such as a custom combo box. This feature allows you to enter patient and case data from one easy window.

Collection List: The Collection List has replaced the Work List, which was available in previous versions of Medisoft. The Collection List helps you manage financial transactions that need to be singled out for collection. You can create tickler items to keep track of collection efforts with patients and insurance carriers. You can also generate and track collection letters.

BillFlash Intergration: Medisoft allows you to process your statements online through BillFlash. From Medisoft, you upload your statements to BillFlash and BillFlash handles printing and mailing them. You retain the ability to review and approve the statements before BillFlash distributes them. All of your data is stored and transmitted securely.

Default Printer Option: Medisoft 15 introduced a new feature for selecting a default printer for printing superbills, claims, and statements. This setting is saved to the user’s Medisoft login profile/workstation.

Future Appointment Warning- Office Hours Professional and Office Hours Network Professional: Medisoft’s Office Hours Professional will alert you when entering a new appointment for a patient that already has a future appointment scheduled. This alert appears in the New Appointment Entry or Edit Appointment Entry window as a “Patient has Future Appointment” button with a lookup magnifying glass. You can click the button to view future appointments for the patient.

Small Balance Write-off Option: Medisoft has the ability to write-off statement balances that have been sent the selected number of times set in the submission count field, by cut off date and/or dollar amount.

Task Scheduler: This feature allows users to schedule backups of their data and schedule reports so that they are automatically generated according to a user defined schedule. This can save valuable time by automating the report printing process.

Final Draft: Final Draft is a word processing program that can pull data from the Medisoft program into documents prepared in Final Draft. You can use this feature to enter patient notes and narratives as well as letters and other documents necessary for the practice. This includes creating templates in the Letter Wizard for things such as appeals and overpayment requests that can automatically pull preselected data from the patient chart.

Medisoft Reports: Medisoft has 229 reports, pie charts and graphs to help you manage your practice. All reports can be modified using the Medisoft Reports Professional version.

Chaotic Electric – 21st Century Health Hazard

The human body is a magnificent organism. Designed by an all-wise Creator, it’s busy repairing and rebuilding its 75 trillion cells on a continual basis from the moment of conception until the day we die. It’s all about electrical energy, the harmonic electrical system of the body. In this context, the chaotic electrical environment in which we live becomes a serious challenge.

In his book Cross Currents, Dr. Robert Becker shares his research on the electrical system of the human being. He describes a control mechanism that starts, regulates, and stops the healing process. He states his conviction that the escalation of illness and disease in modern society may be due to the bombardment of the body’s harmonic electricdynamics system by harsh man-made chaotic electric frequencies.

Becker’s research on salamanders convinced him that it had what he described as a “repair-loop” that stimulated not only the repair, but also actual replacement of missing body parts. Based on the repair-loop theory (and confirmed through intuited research),  Dr. Becker postulated that the human body also checks out as having similar electrical circuitry also capable of complete cellular repair. A strong immune system is commonly believed to be responsible for keeping the body healthy but intuited research tells us that it is only one part of the twelve-part human Repair Loop, all parts being of equal importance. With this in mind is it any wonder that true wellness is often so elusive.

Again, through intuited research it was discovered that there are four damaging key factors that damage and thereby interfere with the Repair Loop’s role in cellular repair: Severe toxicity, body trauma (including dental trauma, accidents and surgery), emotional trauma and chaotic electrical overload. Although the first three are relatively easy to trace, electrical is not because it’s neither seen nor felt, making it a hidden health hazard.2

The Body Electric

The energy output of the human subtle electrical system can be scientifically measured by using EKG’s (electrocardiograms) and EEG’s (electro-encephalograms). Readouts are possible because of the electro-magnetic-chemical nature of cellular function based on the proper balance of water and electrolytes. A healthy system outputs frequencies between 62 and 68 harmonic hertz. Electric lights, operate at 60 chaotic hertz, are quite capable of causing severe damage to, and even destruction of, the human harmonic system that is “us”.

One aspect of the chaotic vs. harmonic electric phenomenon is the potential accumulation by the cells of harmful electrical frequencies, much like a capacitor that collects, stores and emits electric. Slowly and insidiously electric collects to the point of “critical mass”, before a health challenge appears, which seemingly out of nowhere. Years of such accumulated electro-pollution can alter cell function with manifesting multiple symptoms: from headaches, unrelenting fatigue, digestive, heart and colon malfunction to name a few. The cellular mutations of cancer and leukemia can also be traced to the scrambled frequencies of the cells cause by electrical overload.

Edgar Cayce, the renowned psychic of the 30’s taught that each organ of the body has an “electronic-unit of vibration” which is necessary to sustain its physical existence. He taught that this natural electric energy could be changed by “injury, disease, or lack of the elimination of toxins”. Cell damage by chaotic electric was virtually unknown at that time.2

Because we cannot see, hear, smell or touch many of the dangers in our environment today, even when they’re brought to our attention it is easy to disregard the warnings. Chaotic electric is one of those invisible and ignored dangers. We are surrounded by these potentially harmful chaotic frequencies in many forms and all extremely harmful to our cellular harmonic system. Immersing us in a pool of potentially harmful chaotic frequencies.4

According to Dr. Becker, there is no place on the planet that is free of electro-magnetic contamination: television stations, AM and FM radio, short wave transmitters, cell phones, radar devices, electric power transmission lines, the electric wiring in our homes and offices, and “The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” in Alaska. This is but a tiny piece of a mind-boggling problem- the proliferation of wireless technology with the potential of serious electric and/’or radiation damage to the human body at the cellular level. Scientific studies now show that exposure to microwaves may cause spontaneous mutations and possible genetic effects, immune system dysfunction, brain tumors and brain cancer and much, much more.

In Florida, the “lightning-strike capital of the world”, the moist air tends to hold the charge of the almost daily near lightning strikes. This is another natural phenomenon that can affect the body over a period of time because it adds to the accumulation of chaotic electric resulting in similar symptomology potentially speeding up cellular electrical overload.

There is another inescapable source of natural electric that occurs periodically. NASA scientists at NASA warned us in the fall of 2003 and again in 2008 that the highly charged particles being hurled at the earth from solar flares were a threat to electrical utilities, potentially causing, possible blackouts of voice radio and television communicators. Although they said that there was “no direct threat on the ground because of the earth’s thick atmosphere”. They were wrong.

At the Center, we were fielding calls for the above and more. Margie in her 60’s was frantic because of a racing heart- understandable. The heart is an electrical organ!

Electric overload can also show up as anxiety, disorientation, sleeplessness, or damaged mucus membranes causing nosebleeds, itchy eyes, hypersensitivity, digestive and breathing difficulties.

The latest intuited research shows damage to the covering subtle energy of the brain with symptoms of depression, anxiety unreasonable thoughts, angry outbursts and other personality changes.4

Releasing Electrical Overload

There seems to be little doubt about the devastating effects of exposure to aberrant electric frequencies on the human body is increasing, yet this serious health hazard has not been generally recognized by either the medical community or practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine. If and when this time of electric is recognized as harmful, no doubt the search will be on for a “cure”, which most likely will go, down the path of trial and error that has typically left us with more questions than answers for cancer, diabetes and all the other “incurables”. Such has been the case with cancer, diabetes and all the other “incurables”.

We have seen and believe that answers are to be found in the field of energy medicine. For over a decade we have observed increased well-being through the use of, energy medicine programmed to which appear address electrical disharmony at the cellular vibrational level. The secret might be, the cleansing of the body’s 75 trillion cells to the point that their natural frequencies reach the resonant levels associated with the body’s ability to self-repair.

Clearing the harmful electrical fields is of prime importance in the restoration of cellular coherency/harmonic resonance. Now when the cells are once again able to communicate with each other they can get on with the business of getting us well. Chaotic electric might be the cause of your ill-health and may indeed be a contributing factor in many of the new and strange illnesses of our times. And the new field of harm-free “energy medicine” maybe an answer for you and is offering some valid answers.

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