Designer Dogs – Mutts or a New Breed?

What’s the difference? “Breeders” with a superiority complex often use these terms wrongly, without really understanding what they mean. Then, their ignorance spreads like a cancer, via websites and gossip, and you the public end up being misled. The resulting individual dog looks the same, or almost the same, right? The difference actually isn’t in what the resulting puppy/dog looks like. It’s in the underlying health of the animal. It’s in the practices of the breeder.

Designer Dog~ If I were to go to an online puppy market or the newspaper, and just get the cheapest “purebreds” of different breeds, stick them together and charge amazing prices for the cute offspring… that is a designer dog and nothing more. It may not have health problems, but then it might have big, expensive problems when it’s older. Like diabetes, that needs expensive insulin. You might even have to give the dog prozac, or other medications to control messed up behaviors.

Mutt~ Two dogs, purebred or mixed parentage, hook up with or without help… that’s a mutt. Unknown parentage, unknown behavior.

New breed~ Both parents are of a “recognized” breed that has bred true (consistent) for generations. Both parents were chosen for health BEFORE considering price, they have both been tested for the one or two most prevalent genetic diseases within their prospective breeds (all “breeds” have problems, don’t let the person trying to sell you a dog tell you any different!) The breeder has at least a rudimentary understanding of genetics and has considered the parents carefully for all dominant and recessive traits within the parent’s backgrounds, and choses matings carefully based on the probable results. The breeder produces the first generation litter, and if pleasing, retains a puppy for a second generation breeding with another unrelated hybrid of this particular cross. On this second generation, the breeder, if competent, notices an increase of conformity within his/her litter. This second generation is then taken and bred appropriately to either a hybrid or a “purebred” of the original breeds. This continues until 100% uniformity of litters is achieved. It is then a “breed”, and can apply for breed status if that is the goal.

All “breeds” started off as hybrids. I don’t know if these early pioneers in breed development encountered the snottiness and superiority complex of today’s breeders of “purebreds”… especially those that belong to the big commercial registry that claims to care about the “intergrity” of the breeds and the health of the dogs. (nothing could be further from the truth!) Having been a show breeder that developed my own memorable line within only six years, I can attest to the lying, back biting and cheating of these so called ‘elite’ breeders. Not to mention the ‘elite’ registry, that when it comes down to it, cares far more for their bottom line and shareholders then the dogs, registering anything with four legs even if it has faked papers or genetic disorders, which happens far more often then you think. Do you suppose when a dog passes away that those ‘elite ABC’ papers are thrown away in all cases? Especially if that dog was a champion whose puppies are worth a lot of money? I saw so much cheating in this world of “purebreds” it made me sick.

5 Ways to Cope With Stress at Work

Are you Dealing with Stress on the Job?

Have you been feeling like you’re going to lose your marbles if you stay in such a stressful workplace? Most people will suffer on the job stress at some point. It is not unique to anyone, but what is, is how we each deal with it.

This article aims to provide you with some strategies so you can learn to deal with stress on the job, in a positive manner, and stop it from holding you back. When you can’t deal with stress effectively, you won’t be as effective or efficient on the job and, even more importantly, your health will suffer.

Here are some Techniques to Deal with Stress at Work

When you feel stress at work, you need to learn how to deal with your emotions so you can move forward. The bonus is, there are sevearl ways you can do this; you just need to find which strategy or technique works best for you.

Here are five stress on the job fixers!

1. One of the best things you can do when you feel the stress coming to boiling point is to stop what you’re doing and just breathe. Its actually pretty surprising how helpful this technique is. Who’d have thought breathing came with extra benefits. In fact, take ten slow, deep breaths, then get back to work. The great thing about this technique is that you can do it anywhere, even when you’re sitting in your boss’s office!

2. Take a moment to write it all down. Get the stress out of your system by finding a private place, a bit of paper and a pen and just write down your private thoughts for a couple of minutes. Go Hard! Free, uncensored writing for just a few minutes will get your stress off your chest and the emotions out of your mind for good. When you put all of the emotions down on paper, crumple it up and throw it away. (better to rip it into little pieces if you’ve been writing about someone at work!)Then ditch the paper and the stressful thoughts and get back to work.

3. Try using positive imagery. Keep a calming picture on your desk or as your computer screensaver (mine is of the Bahamas!)and when you feel like you’re going to lose it, stare at the image and see yourself there. If you do this for even as little as 30-60 seconds you can restore some sanity so you can move forward without the crippling effects of stress on the job.

4. Open your mind with some quiet relaxing music. Get out your ipod and put on some calm, soothing music – you will find that it has an almost instant effect. Keep the music quiet and peaceful, and make sure it is not a bother to co-workers and you’ll feel at ease during your work day. Music is a great way to find peace and lose the stress.

5. Use positive thinking. If negative thinking is getting the better of you, counter it with positive statements and thoughts. Say to yourself, things like, “I can manage stress because I proactively choose peace.” When you repeat positive sayings or affirmations in your life, you’ll be able to muscle out those negative thoughts and move towards the positive.

So, here you have five simple techniques to cope with stress on the job. The great thing about these tips are that you can quickly and easily integrate these strategies into your work day without allowing stress to overwhelm you and you will feel instantly better when you apply them!

Even working at DisneyLand is stressful! Almost every place of work has the potential to be quite stressful. Every day will bring new stressors into your workplace, and that is why you need to have several different coping techniques in your stress management toolbox. If you can find a way to intergrate these simple strategies into your working day, you will find life gets easier, you will be happier and more productive and your body and mind will be healthier for your effort.

If you utilize these strategies, I am sure you will experience better work days because you will now be equipped to easily manage on the job stress!

Stress and the Domino Effect

Living a human existence can be stressful. No matter where in the world you life today, rich and poor alike and all of us in-between feel the shattering effects of stress. At this moment in history, in the United States, many sit on the edge of panic, struggling with a financial crisis that few saw coming.

Some years ago, two psychiatrists at the University of Washington Medical School devised a scale of stressful life events, some good, some bad, all stressful. They called it the “Social Readjustment Rating Scale” with the number one stressor, the death of a spouse, rated at 100 units. Even vacations and Christmas make the list as number 41 and 42 with stress racking up 13 and 12 units each.

It was interesting to note that in the list of 43 items, over one third were related to work, job, business, finance, “boss” or money. The research found that of those whose “Life Change Units: were more than 300 units within a year, 80% would get sick in the near future. the fewer stressful life situations, the less illness!

Let’s just say we begin with a healthy body but watch the dominoes tumble anyway…

  1. First stress enters into the picture, unending, unremitting – job related, financial, family injury– all of the above.
  2. And the body reacts: the adrenals are triggered to dump acidic battery-acid-like cortisol producing the powerful “fight or flight” response which continues to trigger as long as there is stress.
  3. Then acidic cytokine hormones are released systemically and because there is no specific point of injury (a broken bone, a poisonous bite) never turn “off” the stream of acid it’s dumping.
  4. The body pH, normally slightly alkaline, now is acidic causing an acidic mouth (canker sores, cavities), hyper-acidic stomach (indigestion, acid reflux), acidic small intestines (poor assimilation, mal-nutrition) and poor elimination due to lack of peristaltic action.
  5. Toxins from acidic fecal matter back up into the blood stream forcing the body to steal sodium from the stomach lining (leading to more digestive problems) and then calcium from the bones (osteoporosis) to buffer the blood back to slightly alkaline (7.2 to 7.4) – any slight deviation could mean death.
  6. The bod’ys acid terrain is now the perfect breeding ground for disease-causing microbes to proliferate as well as parasites, yeast and fungus.
  7. Unending fatigue sets in somewhere along the line with aches and pains as the body tries to deal with acid causing inflammation.
  8. When the vital signs are affected (heart beat/pulse, respiration, blood pressure and core temperature) we know we’re in trouble!
  9. Invading forces, in response to the acidic system are ready to finish the fob of breaking down the cellular structure so it can return to “dust”.

Because of “disease care” training, the typical allopathic remedy is a drug for each symptom. The health-care practitioner offers herbs and supplement, again treatment for the symptoms. no one is looking for the root cause of the acid flood. And the people continue to perish as they pop sometimes dozens of pills a day or, as in my own case, 90 herbs put up daily in three snack baggies.

Here is a two-step plan to reverse the domino effect:

  1. Pinpoint stress factors in your life and find workable ways to resolve them.
  2. Consider adding “stress relievers” to your daily routine:

  • Early morning walks – take your mate, your friend, your dog
  • Exercise groups – yoga, tai chi, aerobics, the gym, tennis, golf – get moving!
  • Relaxation techniques – meditation, biofeedback, massage, a warm bath…
  • Practice positive thinking – more helpful than you’d ever imagine!
  • Read a good book
  • Find someone you can share with/talk to
  • Simplify your life – slow down
  • Help someone worse off than you – pay it forward!
  • Laugh more
  • Eat better
  • Get to bed earlier – sufficient sleep is a healer

Stress is a killer that, once recognized, and with a simple plan in place, is 100% reversible. You’ve heard it all before – NOW DO IT!